September 16, 2019

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Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Mandatory Arbitration Provision Bill

In a surprising, last minute move, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill passed by the California legislature that would have prohibited employers from requiring employees to sign arbitration agreements as part of their employment contracts. The bill is … [Read More...]

New Rule in the Bay Area Could Curb Cancer Related to Air Pollution

Officials in the Bay Area unanimously passed a rule earlier this month requiring greenhouse gas-producing industries to alter business practices if it can be shown that nearby residents are exposed to an increased risk of cancer. Thanks to the new … [Read More...]

Playground Injury Lawsuits

Scraped knees and soiled clothes are the norm when you have an active child. Kids like to explore and their games can sometimes result in injuries. In most cases, these injuries are minor. However, in some situations the injuries can be severe and … [Read More...]